Racing cars for sale:

74 BMW 2002tii $34,000/B.0. Built by Ray Korman, BMW guru in North Carolina and VP Garage in Mexico. Stage 3+ Endurance engine ($21,000+). Fully documented. 170 HP. 1,900 lbs. Two races, Pan-Am 2016 and Chihuahua Express 2018. Ready to race. Overbuilt roll cage with NASCAR bars across doors, extra diagonal bracing in rear. Eligible for vintage racing in the U.S. 12 gallon fuel cell. 3.9 diff gears. Cruises at 70 MPH in overdrive fifth gear at easy 4000 RPM. Top speed 125+ MPH. Automatic fire suppression system. Accusump. Many spare parts, including two rims, included. Extremely dependable. Full set of photos available. Buy the car at this price, and I provide new owner extra help in planning and preparing for Chihuahua Express or Pan-Am.
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